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As a top pool construction company in Long Island, part of our job is helping our clients to install their first swimming pool! One thing that we always make sure to do is to explain to our clients the different type of accessories that they need for their new pool. Today we are going to share a few of those accessory ideas with you!

Pool Construction Company Shares 5 Pool Accessories You Need!

1. A Sturdy Anchored Pool Cover

A sturdy anchored pool cover is a must! A pool cover keeps your pool protected so that children, animals, and pets do not fall into the pool and drown.

It is important to get a pool cover that pulls taught and anchors over the pool so that if someone does fall onto the pool surface, they can safely work their way to the edge of the pool. Older models of pool covers are dangerous because they simply lie on the pool surface and if someone falls onto the cover, it can wrap around them and increase the chance of drowning.

2. A Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is important because it will help to keep the surface of your pool free from debris between visits from your pool cleaning crew! The great thing about a pool vacuum is that you can leave it on a timer and let it take care of itself so that you don’t have to work to keep debris from building up at the bottom of your pool.

3. A Ladder or Ramp

Even if your pool has built in steps, a ladder or ramp is equally as important because steps are usually only at one end of the pool. Adding a ramp makes it easier for pets and younger children to get out of the pool if they fall in. Adding a ladder at the deeper end is also a good idea because it offers adults in the pool multiple options to get out of the pool if they become overwhelmed and unable to swim back to the shallow end of the pool.

4. A Fence

Adding a fence around your pool doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to add a large eyesore of a fence! There are multiple options for adding fences to an outdoor pool, many of which are discreet and will not draw the attention of homeowner associations or wind up costing you money in fines! There are also many different designs for pool fences, so your fence can be made to blend in with your house décor or building style.

A fence is another important piece of safety equipment for your pool as it keeps young children, pets, and wildlife safe from falling into the water and drowning! You can even add in a door alarm that will let you know when someone opens the door to the pool by sounding an alarm. Door alarms work well in tandem with fences because – while door alarms are quite effective – if your child does sneak out but you can’t get there in time, the fence poses another obstacle that will keep them from falling into the water until you can there.

5. Shock Treatment

Even when you have the best pool maintenance team to help keep your pool clean, it is still important to keep shock treatment on hand! Shock treatment will help to get rid of any bacteria in your water and prevent algae and bacteria from taking hold.

If you don’t keep shock chemicals on hand, when your pool just starts to show signs of bacteria or algae, you won’t be able to treat the problem before it really gets out of hand. Once you allow that algae or bacteria to take hold in your pool, the problem becomes worse day by day until your pool water turns into a swamp! When the water level gets so bad, it becomes a problem that requires the hands of a professional.

In addition to keeping shock on hand, having a regular pool cleaning company come to check your pool water weekly, is the best way to keep your pool water healthy!

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