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We are one of the top pool product retailers on the gold coast of Long Island. We provide a large variety of poll products for your your needs. Ranging from pool liners, pool covers, pool tiles & pavers! We also have a retail shop open to the public stocking everything you need to maintain and clean your pool professionally.

Pool Liners

Whether you would like to update the look of your current in-ground pool, or enhance the beauty of a new pool, we have a large selection from leading liner brands.

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Pool Tiles

Pool tile patterns can be arranged in many unique themes and styles, giving your creative imagination total freedom. Please come in to our showroom to view our vast selection of tiles from NPT, Master Tile & more.

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The strength of our masonry division lies in the combination of experience, knowledge, and having the proper masonry equipment to handle all types of masonry projects. Come see various finishes, colors and sizes of paving stone for you next project.

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Pool Covers

Your Cover-Pools cover acts as a “horizontal fence” for your pool, preventing access by children, pets and uninvited visitors. It keeps out dirt and debris. And it keeps in heat, water and chemicals to save you money. Come view our seleciton of pool covers

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Plaster Resurfacing

Concrete however is porous which means that water would leak out constantly. In order to limit this problem, a very dense mortar layer, called plaster, is applied over the entire interior surface of the pool. The plaster layer is a very dense mortar, which reduces water permeability, however troweling the plaster when it is nearly already hard, called a "hard trowel" is where the majority of the water resistance comes from.

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