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Pool Heater Repair

and Pool Heater Installation

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Pool Heating Long Island

Swimming Pool Heater Repair and Pool Heater Installation

Enjoy your investment year-round with a swimming pool heater from Gold Coast Swimming Pools. It’s a cost-effective solution for pool owners in Glen Cove, NY who wish to extend the swimming season by keeping the water at an ideal temperature. We offer a wide range of heat pumps and related equipment for pools of varying shapes, sizes, and designs.

Pool Heating Systems

If you install the right heating source, you won’t have to let your beautiful and relaxing pool go unused because of water temperature. We carry a variety of models from trusted manufacturers. Our selections include an assortment of features such as easy-to-use digital controls and durable components designed to stand up to regular use. Our trained technicians will set up everything properly for you, and our commitment to excellent customer service includes:

  • Assistance in selecting a new heater
  • Attention to detail during installation
  • Ongoing equipment support when needed

With the addition of a swimming pool heater from Gold Coast Swimming Pools, families in Glen Cove, NY can easily optimize their pool time even in the cooler months. Our highly experienced team is available during convenient hours to answer your questions and make arrangements for installation. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

Pool Heater Repair

A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have; but a pool with built-in heating is in a whole other league. Unfortunately, that hard-working pool heater can give out after a tough season or two, and the idea of having to buy a new one can be daunting. The good news is that our expert pool heater repair techs can help. At Gold Coast Swimming Pools, we offer reliable pool heater repair services for commercial and residential customers on the gold coast of Long Island, New York.

When you call Gold Coast Swimming Pools, you can benefit from:

  • Quick and responsive service calls
  • Thorough, efficient repairs
  • Fair pricing and clear billing and invoicing practices
  • A customer-first business philosophy

Whatever your pool heater problem, our professional repair technicians are on hand to help. We take pride in our industry-leading standards and are proud of our commitment to excellence. For more information or to schedule your appointment, call Gold Coast Swimming Pools today.

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