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At Gold Coast Swimming Pools, we specialize in pool leak repair as well as swimming pool maintenance and renovations. Today we want to talk about leaks in a little more detail, though. Specifically, what is causing your pool to leak?

Pool Leak Repair – 5 Things That Can Cause Your Pool Leaks!

1. Tree Roots

One of the most common causes of swimming pool leaks and destruction to the overall structure of your pool is tree roots! We always recommend starting a new pool away from any large trees or tree stumps and we never advise planting new trees around your pool. The destruction that tree roots can cause is indescribable and can even lead to you having to tear up your pool!

2. Outdated Pool Equipment

If you have older pool equipment – for example, if the pool was in the house when you moved in – there is a good chance that the equipment that maintains your pool is about ready to give up the ghost.

Pool equipment has a lifespan and if the previous residents didn’t purchase top of the line equipment, that lifespan will be even shorter than you could imagine!

3. Poor Pool Chemical Balance

Keeping the chemicals in your pool in balance is about more than keeping your pool water algae-free and safe from bacteria. Keeping your pool water clean with the right chemicals also helps to preserve the other components of your pool, too.

For example, if you have chemicals that are too acidic, they can cause undue wear and tear on other components of the pool and cause erosion which can ultimately lead to a leak! Leaks are far more trouble to fix than simply having to keep an eye on the chemical levels in the water!

4. Failing to Drain Your Pool

When those freezing winters roll around here in New York, you had better be sure that your pool is long drained or heated to a point where the water will not freeze. If you allow the water in your pool to freeze, however, the change in temperature causes the water molecules to expand. As the water molecules expand, you may start to notice small cracks in the pool structure. As the cracks get bigger, the entire structure of your pool can change and develop leaks and other problems.

Although some leaks can be patched and repaired, not all of them can be without compromising the stability and durability of your pool. This is why it is always a good idea to call in the professionals for help when you need it! Tackling this type of repair yourself can make things even worse!

5. Seismic Activity

Seismic activity is another common reason for leaks in pools. Of course, if you live in California, you might expect this to be the case, but sometimes, shifting in the Earth’s tectonic plates can have a ripple effect and send shockwaves radiating under the ground. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be movement of tectonic plates that causes things to shift or jolt just a little bit! Any significant vibration or shift in the earth can cause problems for structures of any kind.

What kind of damage can these things cause?

Commonly, pool owners see cracks start to form in the shell of their pool . As time goes on, those cracks keep growing in minute increments until they become big cracks and holes. Most people don’t notice this type of thing happening until it is too late and they already have a big problem on their hands!

Do All Pool Repairs Require Full Renovation?

No! In fact, much of the time, if you catch a problem early enough, there is usually a preventative approach to fixing it before it gets way out of hand! Just don’t ignore these little problems when they do show up because it doesn’t take long at all for a little problem to  grow exponentially!

Do You Need Help With Your Pool Leak Repair?

If you live in or around Long Island, New York and need help with your pool leak repair, Gold Coast Swimming Pools can help! Just give our team a call today at (516) 759-3000 and let us know how we can help!