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Swimming pool cleaning services are a must for any pool owner, but you need to be sure that you are getting quality service. It isn’t just about getting your money’s worth, it’s about taking good care of your pool and good pool care is about prevention. Once you notice that green tint taking over your pool water – well, it’s too late to prevent anything, you will have your job cut out for you!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services – 5 Things Your Cleaner Should Do

So just what should your pool cleaning service be doing for you? Here are five of the tasks that every good swimming pool cleaning service should be doing to help to keep your pool in top shape all year round!

1. Chemical Testing

One of the most important things that your pool cleaning company should do regularly, is test your chemical levels in the water. Regular testing allows you to catch any changes in chemical levels before they get out of hand.

2. Filter Cleaning

The filters and baskets of the pool filtration system need to be cleaned often to stop them from getting too full. If you don’t clean out the filters, debris that should be sucked from your pool will begin to build up. This build up of leaves and debris will break apart and throw off the chemical levels of your water.

3. Sweeping Around the Pool

Leaves and other debris don’t just collect in your pool water, they also build up around your pool. That build up of debris creates a slippery surface that is dangerous for anyone who spends time by the pool. It is also very likely that the buildup of debris will get blown into the pool.

For most homes, sweeping around the pool once a week or so is plenty, but in the fall or following any major storms that can create a debris buildup, it’s best not to wait for your pool cleaning company. You can either do a quick sweep around the pool yourself or you can call in your pool cleaning company to see if they can do an emergency clean for you!

4. Vacuuming/Brushing

Vacuuming or brushing is necessary to keep the bottom of your pool clean from debris and clean from dirt or any buildup that is causing discoloration, a slippery surface, or allowing mold to take hold.

If you invest in a pool vacuum, this can help to keep the floor of your pool clean between cleanings. Your pool vacuum will suck up any debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool. What your vacuum will not do, is clean up any tough algae or slippery sediment that is adhered to the pool surfaces.

5. Skimming

Skimming is another important part of keeping your pool clean! Your pool cleaning company should use a large net to scoop any leaves, debris, or even bugs off the top of the water.

Skimming is also something that you should keep up between pool cleanings, this will help to stop any imbalance in the pool water pH and chemical levels that your pool cleaner will have to tackle the next time they come. (And, if your cleaner doesn’t come frequently, that problem could get much worse before they arrive!)

Did Your Pool Cleaning Service Do Their Job?

When your pool cleaning service finishes their job on your pool, you should be able to walk outside and see fresh, clean water. The bottom of your pool should be completely clear from any type of staining or debris. You should also check your pool filters and they should be empty. Lastly, the next time that you get into your pool, the bottom of the pool should be clean, and you should be able to find purchase. If you find yourself slipping on the pool surface, then your cleaning company has not done their job well!

Hire a Top Quality Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

If you live in or around Long Island and you’re looking for a top quality cleaning firm to help keep your pool clean, give us a call today at Gold Coast Swimming Pools! Just dial (516) 759-3000.