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If you’ve had a pool for a long time, it’s probably displaying signs of wear from years of use. You’re probably considering a swimming pool renovations project. Today, we’re going to take a look at some questions to consider when deciding whether or not to renovate your pool.

Questions to Consider: Swimming Pool Renovations

1. Is it necessary to include a handicapped-accessible area?
2. Are there any tiles that are discolored or chipped? Is your paint flaking?
3. Do you like the shape of your swimming pool?
4. What about the pool’s surface? Would you like to make any changes?
5. Do you wish to replace your old equipment with newer, more energy-efficient models?
6. What about the pavers that surround your swimming pool?

There are numerous excellent techniques for swimming pool renovations, as well as numerous reasons why you should do so. Your family and friends will thank you!

Why You Should Consider Swimming Pool Renovations

There are numerous advantages to remodeling a pool.

1. A reduction in utility bills. Water and energy usage is reduced by upgrading to more energy-efficient versions.
2. The sooner you renovate your old pool, the better your chances of avoiding costly repairs in the future.
3. Renovating your pool will improve its appearance and functionality.

Swimming Pool Renovation Services That We Offer at Gold Coast Swimming Pools


Fiber optic lighting is one modification that will significantly increase the aesthetic effects of your pool. Color LED lighting is also another invaluable addition that will spruce up the look and feel of your pool. They can both be put directly into the floor or wall of a pool, creating a rainbow of neon hues in the water. Your pool and landscape will come to life with a well-lit pool encircled by fiber optic spotlights. LED and fiber optic lights encourage homeowners to spend time and organize gatherings in their backyards long after the sun has set, increasing the functional use of an outdoor area. Fiber optic lights and color LEDs not only increase the usable pool hours but also offer exciting backdrops for nighttime events.

Adding More Aesthetic Features to the Area Around Your Pool

There are two ways to accomplish this:
• Use Mosaics
• Include a water feature.

Mosaics are a simple, attractive, and cost-effective addition to your pool that will bring a personal touch, sophistication, and fun.

A water feature, on the other hand, will add a fresh focal point to your pool area, making it more interesting. Deck-based laminar jets, natural rock waterfalls, and water-spouting sculptures are some of the best possibilities for an existing structure. However, the viability of these choices is contingent on the current configuration of your pool and whether or not you are also touching up the deck, as this will affect the required plumbing lines.

Change coping

See that edging material that sits between the pool construction and the deck throughout the circumference of the pool? Are you happy with it? Do you feel it could be better? Patios with stone coping add beauty to outdoor spaces. There are stones that you can utilize for your patio as well as coping, such as sandstone and bluestone. Numerous natural stones, based on your swimming pool style, could give your pool a formal or natural tone finish.

To bring attention to and accentuate important spots in your backyard, we could employ contrasting materials. Make careful stone selections and bear in mind the practical requirements of any particular place. Furthermore, genuine stone is a better option than a conventional paver patio.

In place of stamped concrete, you could consider natural stone, which is a more superior surface as it does not fade in color and is non-slip.

Re-plaster Interior

If you want to make your pool more vivid, re-plastering your pool’s interior works just as well as pool lighting.

Bored of your bland white Marcite plaster? There is new plaster technology that will not only protect your pool from degradation but also produce a significantly more visually appealing alternative. Aggregate pool plaster finishes are more durable and are available in a greater selection of textures and colors than Marcite. Because the durability of pool plaster has been improved with crystals, pebbles, and quartz, the criterion for overall visual appeal has been raised. These surfaces reflect and refract colors and light from the bottom of the pool to the surface, generating interesting effects. Aggregate finishes might be smooth and sophisticated or rough and natural with pebbles. In general, upgrading your swimming pool with an aggregate finish can add a dash of color while also extending the finish’s life significantly longer than Marcite.

Tile Replacement

Your pool’s aesthetic will be revitalized with a new tile line. Even when you’re not in the pool, the internal perimeter is surrounded by shining new ceramic tiles, making it incredibly noticeable.
Tile trends evolve, and at Gold Coast, we have a wide range of sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from.

Want to bring new life to your outdated pool?

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