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Pool renovations mean more than updating the water; it’s a complete improvement of your pool and landscaping. A pool makes for a great place to spend a summer day—the only problem: your once-lovely swimming pool is now a bit outdated or it’s showing signs of wear and tear. You’ve seen the swimming pool renovation commercials for the big pool companies, but how reliable are they? Will they care for the personal details and be willing to work with you through the renovation process? You’re not interested in spending thousands of dollars without getting something that WOWS YOU for the money that you spent.

Gold Coast Swimming Pools will assist with every stage of your pool renovation project. With so many new technologies and options available, we can help focus on the changes that you would like to make and find the most cost-effective way to achieve your pool remodeling goals.

How to Find the Right Pool Renovations Company

At Gold Coast Swimming Pools, we offer various services to enhance your swimming pool experience. Whether you need to replace an aging liner or maintain the water chemistry properly, we can help. We’ve been one of the most trusted names in swimming pool renovation for over 50-years. With years of experience in the industry, you can feel confident knowing that your remodeled swimming pool will be the talk of the summer around your home! Our prices are very competitive, and we guarantee our work. Call today at (516) 759-3000 to learn more about how we can assist with your pool renovation project.

We’re located in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. Our comprehensive services are available for pool remodeling, leak detection, equipment repairs & replacement, and maintenance. Renovating a pool can make an already beautiful backyard even more inviting. We will help you with extensive consultation, planning, and design that exceeds your needs.

Why Do Many People Choose to Renovate Their Swimming Pool

Renovating your pool can be a significant investment. Here are some benefits of renovating your pool:

1. Increased safety measures

A pool re-plastering process can include the removal of your old pool surface and back-filling your pool with fresh sand and other raw materials. This process consists of the new laying of your pool lining and an in-depth cleaning process to remove any built-up algae from your existing pool. After this process, you will have a brand new pool surface, which provides you and your family with added safety, including non-slip treated surfaces for increased safety for all users of your swimming pool.

2. Prevent costly issues from occurring

Renovating your pool is the perfect way to avoid costly pool repairs due to equipment aging and underperforming or ultimately failing. Even your pool surface can break down over time and lead to costly repairs.

Replacing a surface before aging or damage occurs allows for longer enjoyment and increased value of your pool. Planning pool renovations before the short Long Island swimming season will enable you to enjoy your new features and pool during the seasonal months.

3. Increase the value of your home

Pool renovations are the best way to jump-start your home’s value and sales price. Renovating your pool is a significant investment. Enhance the value of your home with a complete pool remodeling package or a few specific upgrades. Whether you want to redesign your pool area or renovate the entire swimming space, we have the experience and expertise to help you make your dream pool a reality.

4. Improve efficiency

You can choose from various tile colors, shapes, sizes, and accessories to enhance the beauty and functionality of your swimming pool. These include several tile options with grout lines and decorative tiles. Many color selections are available with a range of patterns to select the perfect design for your backyard and the overall look of your home. Other upgrade options include adding a hot tub to a pool and/or adding water features such as jumping fountains. Fountains are always so much fun!

5. Modernized look

Renovating your pool is a smart way to keep family and friends excited about swimming in your pool or attending gatherings at your home. Switching the look of your pool can make it more appealing to everyone, especially the kids.

A pool renovation will brighten up your backyard and let you enjoy your pool with the whole family for years to come.

Rather than having your pool replaced, consider renovating it for a modernized look without giving up the benefits of your current pool. The first step in making these benefits a reality is to work with our team of professionals. We plan pool renovation projects from scratch which ensures that each project is fantastic from start to finish.

We can help you improve the look of your swimming pool with innovative techniques and quality materials that blend seamlessly into your existing design. Our specialists can address various issues ranging from tile, grout, and staining repairs to leak detection and replacement.


We’re ready to work with you on your swimming pool renovation project, give us a call now, (516) 759-3000, or visit our home page for more information.