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Pool covers are a necessary addition to any swimming pool in New York, but it isn’t just New York pools that benefit from a good quality cover. Today we’re sharing seven reasons why you really should invest in a good cover for your pool.

Pool Covers – 7 Reasons You Need to Invest In A Good Cover!

  1. A Good Pool Cover Keeps Debris Out Of The Pool

A good quality pool cover covers the surface of your pool completely and keeps debris from falling into the water. This is particularly important during winter when debris can find its way into the water and create a sludgy mess at the bottom of the pool! As debris breaks down you face more than sludge, though, bacteria and algae can

  1. Draining Your Pool Is Not the Answer

While some people think that completely draining their pool of water in the winter is the solution, it is actually very bad for your pool lining as it can cause the lining to dry out and crack so that you wind up having to resurface the pool! Leaving your pool filled during the winter months will prevent drying out of the pool liner so you don’t have to foot the bill for liner repair come springtime when it’s time to open your pool again!

  1. A Pool Cover Keeps Everyone Safe Year Round

You likely already know that having a sturdy pool cover that covers the entirety of your pool and is anchored down, makes the pool a safer place for anyone who might fall in. This function is particularly important during the winter, though, when family members and pets may be tempted to try and walk across frozen pool water!

  1. A Pool Cover is Energy Efficient

If you keep your swimming pool heated throughout the winter, a well-fitted pool cover can help to retain heat and reduce the cost of heating your pool by reducing evaporation. So a well-fitting pool cover can reduce your electricity bill and give you more usable time in your pool.

  1. A Pool Cover Reduces Pool Maintenance Costs

When debris falls into your pool regularly it doesn’t just create a buildup of sludge over time, but it can also cause problems with your pool system and wind up costing you a lot of money in unnecessary maintenance. As sludge builds up, it clogs up the filters in your pool and coats the inner machinery of your pump system. Leaving this type of sludge sitting for months over winter can easily result in your pool malfunctioning come time to open your pool back up!

  1. A Pool Cover Reduces the Amount of Chlorine You Need!

If you use chlorine in your pool, a pool cover doesn’t just help to retain heat in your pool, but it also helps to reduce the amount of chlorine that you use in your pool. Not many people know that chlorine degrades under UV light, so when you leave your pool without a cover, you are increasing the amount of chlorine that degrades and costing yourself money! Reducing chlorine degradation means that you are handling fewer chemicals and having to purchase fewer chemicals so it is easy on your budget too!

  1. A Pool Cover Improves Water Conservation

Water evaporation is slowed when you have a well-fitted cover for your pool. Research shows that 70% of the water that is lost from pools is due to evaporation, but by adding a well-fitting cover to the pool, you run less risk of losing water to evaporation. This is beneficial not just for you – because you are having to fill your pool less which means you pay for less water, but it is also beneficial for the environment because it helps to conserve water.

Are You Shopping For Pool Covers?

Are you shopping for pool covers for your pool here in Long Island? If so, we encourage you to take a look at our recommended pool covers from Meyco and Loop Loc. And if you need any further pool maintenance services, our team of professionals here at Gold Coast Swimming Pools can help!