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When it comes to Long Island pool maintenance, our team offers a full range of services, but unlike many other companies, we always ensure that your pool maintenance services are completed by a certified service technician. What does that mean and why is it important?

Why You Need Your Long Island Pool Maintenance Done by a Certified Professional

Firstly, let’s just clarify that when we talk about pool maintenance, we aren’t talking about someone who skims leaves off your pool surface, we are talking about actual maintenance of the pool structure itself. When we talk about pool maintenance, we are talking about

  • Deck Renovations
  • Tile Replacement
  • Pump and Heater Repair
  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Plaster Repair
  • Water Testing

Sure, these are services that you could have a handyman from down the street attempt to complete for you or you could even attempt them yourself… but we don’t recommend it. At Gold Coast Swimming Pools, we never trust your pool maintenance to anyone who is not a certified professional and here is why…

Video: 4 Reasons Why You Need Your Long Island Pool Maintenance Done by Certified Professional

A Mistake Can Be Costly!

When your pool needs maintenance, the cost of that maintenance can be quite significant depending on what needs to be done. Now, if you try to cut corners and save yourself money by doing that maintenance yourself, what happens if things go wrong? If things go wrong, you have now paid for supplies and tools so that you can fix the pool yourself and on top of that, you are going to have to call in the professionals to fix the job that went wrong. The kicker? Oftentimes what started as a simple fix for a professional, can be turned in to a much more significant problem when someone inexperienced tries to cut a few corners!

Don’t pay for the same job twice! Leave the pool maintenance to certified technicians so that you aren’t losing money!

A Certified Technician Can Identify The Problem

When you have a problem with your pool that needs fixing, if you aren’t a professional, you’re going to be playing guessing games. You know how it goes… you hop on Google, type your problem, then spend hours reading through posts and proposed solutions from other people who have had a similar problem. The only issue here is that ten different people can tell you ten different things…so which do you go with? You can guess at what the problem is and if you get lucky, you caught a break, but if you don’t get lucky, you’re going to have to move on to the next possible cause of the issue and that means that you’ve already spent more money than you needed to on the initial job!

Again, leave the job to a professional! A certified technician can come in and diagnose your specific pool problems based on their experience and training. Not only does this quick diagnosis mean that they can fix your pool much faster, but it also means that you aren’t paying more than you need to!

A Certified Technician Is Insured!

Another problem that arises when you or the handyman from down the street tackle your pool maintenance issues is that if something goes wrong during your “fix” you and the handyman aren’t necessarily insured for what goes wrong. So again, you wind up making a problem worse and having to pay twice over to get it fixed the right way!

Do some research and hire a certified technician from a reputable pool maintenance company to come out and perform all of your maintenance work for you. Doing this will dramatically reduce the chances that anything will go wrong with the job, but if a fluke accident does happen, you can have confidence knowing that a certified technician is completely covered by insurance so that you won’t have to pay for something that they caused!

Professional Maintenance Lasts

Let’s assume that you do call on the handyman down the street to perform your pool maintenance. He looks up the supplies he needs to “patch” your pool and when he heads down to the store he is faced with three products. Does he purchase the most expensive product or does he maximize his profit and go with the cheapest product? Many time the cheapest product is the option they choose and that means that even if your maintenance is done with excellent skill, repairs aren’t going to hold up as they would have if a professional had done the job!

Looking For Long Island Pool Maintenance Services?

If you are in need of Long Island pool maintenance services, Gold Coast Swimming Pools has got you covered! To schedule an appointment with our team to have them address your maintenance issues, just give us a call today at (516)759-3000 and let us know how we can help you!