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When it comes to safeguarding your swimming pool, the cover you choose is not just a matter of aesthetics but of paramount safety and efficiency. Loop Loc Pool Covers have consistently set the benchmark in the industry for their unrivaled durability, safety, and design.

In this comprehensive post, our Gold Coast Swimming Pools experts explore five compelling reasons why Loop Loc covers dominate the market and why they should be at the top of your list for pool cover installation.

Loop Loc Pool Covers – Durability That Endures

Loop Loc pool cover installation

Built to Last

Loop Loc Pool Covers are synonymous with longevity. Manufactured from high-strength, 100% polyester woven mesh, these covers resist the harshest weather conditions—be it blistering sun, heavy snow, or torrential rain. Unlike standard covers, Loop Loc products don’t crack, split, or tear easily. This is partly due to the patented LOOP-LOC’s Aqualoc zipper, a feature unique to their brand which seals the cover without leaving any gaps.

Unmatched Safety

Protect What Matters Most

Every Loop Loc cover is constructed to comply with the ASTM F1346-91 standard for safety swimming pool covers. This means a Loop Loc cover can securely support the weight of a family, providing peace of mind that children and pets are protected from the dangers of an open pool. The company’s claim to fame was their dramatic advertisement showing an elephant standing on the cover, showcasing its incredible strength.

Innovative Design

Aesthetic and Functional

Loop Loc Pool Covers are not only functional but are designed to complement the aesthetics of your pool and landscaping. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they can be tailored to fit any pool perfectly, ensuring that the cover is snug, looks great, and provides maximum protection.

Easy Maintenance

Hassle-Free Upkeep

Owning a Loop Loc cover means minimal pool maintenance. The mesh allows for rain and melting snow to drain through, so there’s no need for pumping out water accumulations. This also means that debris that might normally find its way into an uncovered pool is kept out, which translates to less cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-Friendly Savings

Loop Loc covers help conserve water by reducing evaporation and save energy by lessening the need to refill and reheat your pool. Additionally, the cover blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth, reducing the amount of chemicals needed for pool maintenance.

The Risks of Going Without a Pool Cover

Exposed to the Elements

Without a pool cover, your pool is constantly exposed to the elements. This means that leaves, insects, and other debris can accumulate in the water, making your pool less inviting and more of a chore to clean. Additionally, water can evaporate faster under the sun, requiring more frequent refills, which adds to your water bill and can disrupt the delicate chemical balance of your pool.

Safety Concerns

An uncovered pool is a safety hazard, especially if you have children or pets. There is a constant risk of accidental falls, which can be fatal. A pool cover, particularly a safety cover like those provided by Loop Loc, acts as a barrier to prevent such tragic accidents.

Energy Inefficiency

Heating your pool without a cover is less efficient as heat escapes much faster. This means your heater has to work overtime to keep the water at a comfortable temperature, leading to increased energy bills. A pool cover acts as an insulator, keeping the warmth in and reducing your energy costs significantly.

Algae Growth

Sunlight is a critical factor in algae growth. Without a cover, your pool is a breeding ground for algae, requiring more chemicals to keep the pool clean. This not only means more maintenance and cost but also more time spent balancing chemicals instead of enjoying your pool.

Increased Maintenance Costs

The cumulative effect of the above points leads to a significant increase in maintenance costs. Your pool’s filtration system will need to work harder to keep the water clean, parts will wear out faster, and you’ll spend more on chemicals, cleaning, and water.

Don’t let your pool become a burden or a liability. Contact Gold Coast Swimming Pools today for a Loop Loc pool cover installation that promises safety, savings, and satisfaction. Our expert team is ready to assist you with top-notch swimming pool maintenance and renovation services. Connect with us online or dial (516) 759-3000 to discuss how we can enhance and protect your swimming pool investment.


Loop Loc Pool Covers stand out in the market for all the right reasons. Their durability, safety features, innovative design, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency make them a top-tier choice for any pool owner. Remember, when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and the integrity of your swimming pool, investing in a Loop Loc cover is not just a purchase—it’s a decision that offers long-term peace of mind and savings.

Are you convinced that Loop Loc Pool Covers could be the perfect choice for your pool? Contact Gold Coast Swimming Pools, your trusted source for pool cover installation and swimming pool maintenance. Our team specializes in providing high-quality renovation services to keep your pool looking its best. Reach out to us online or call (516) 759-3000 to secure the safety, beauty, and longevity of your swimming pool investment with a Loop Loc cover today.

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