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Above ground swimming pools aren’t always a terrible investment, but an in-ground pool certainly has many more benefits and is a better choice as an investment. One of the reasons why an in-ground pool is a better investment is that in-ground pool owners face far fewer issues.

Above Ground Swimming Pools: 6 Common Issues You May Face

1. Leaking

One of the biggest problems that above ground swimming pool owners face is leaking. Where the sides of an in ground pool are safely underneath the ground and supported on all sides. Unfortunately, because of the location of the sides of an in ground pool and the fact that they are exposed to the weather consistently, they quickly weaken and this leads to breaking and leaks.

2. Uneven Ground

When you have an inground pool installed, the contractors installing your pool will level the ground and make sure that your new pool is on even ground. Since an above ground pool sits on the ground and not in it, most people don’t think about how level the ground is. So, when they fill their above ground pool the entire structure is off balance. If you are lucky that means that your pool water level will be uneven, if you are not as lucky, it means that your above ground pool is going to start sliding down the garden!

3. Less Safety

When you have an inground pool installed there are numerous safety devices that you can implement to keep your family, pets, and neighbors safe. Unfortunately, above ground pools don’t always offer as many options. One big safety concern is the lack of appropriate decking around the pool itself. When family members start playing around the pool without decking in place, there is a fairly good chance that someone is going to slip and fall!

4. Decreasing Property Value

Another common problem with adding an above ground pool instead of an inground pool is that an above ground pool will always take away from the value and curb appeal of your home.  Conversely, adding an inground pool only adds to the value of your home!

Keep this in mind if your house is currently on the market and has an above ground pool, consider that your pool may be turning buyers off from the property. If you need to, consider getting rid of your above ground pool to make a faster sale.

5. Poor Draining

Another common problem with above ground pools is that they can have drainage problems. An above ground pool should only be drained when necessary and after draining, it should be filled up again rather than being left exposed to the elements. Leaving the pool liner exposed leaves it open to puncturing and makes it more likely to become worn due to sun exposure. Sun exposure makes the pool liner brittle and prone to breaking.

6. Draining the Pool Too Frequently

An above ground pool should only be drained when it is absolutely necessary, draining the pool too frequently can actually cause the liner of the pool to shrink and that causes the liner to wear out much sooner than it should.

Another problem that comes up when a pool is drained far too often is that each time the pool is drained and then refilled, it has to be chemically treated again. Initially treating you pool when you first fill it, requires a lot of harsh chemicals to clean the water. Each time that you add harsh chemicals to your pool, you are eroding at your pool lining so you will quickly have to replace the liner.

Above Ground or In Ground Pool?

When it all comes down to it, your choice between an in ground or above ground pool should be common sense. If you have the money to invest in an inground pool, that is always going to be your first option because it’s more durable, easily customized and rather than taking away from the value of your house, it adds to it!

Ditching Your Above Ground Swimming Pool For an In Ground Pool?

If you are letting go of your above ground swimming pool so that you can invest in an in-ground pool, make sure that you bring a reputable and experienced pool maintenance company on board to help to maintain your new investment. If you live in or around Long Island, Gold Coast Swimming Pools would be happy to help!